What are the symptoms and how to fight them.

Autumn has begun and the change in temperatures is helping us to live the days in a fresher and more relaxed way.

But be careful! Because precisely in this period it is essential to protect ourselves and activate new practices to avoid influencing us.

We read that there are over 260 different types of flu viruses, easily confused with Covid, precisely because they cause the same symptoms.

You can treat yourself with responsible self-medication but a clear and careful medical analysis can avoid unexpected worsening of health.

Here are the symptoms and how to combat them.

We must be very careful when underestimating a flu because it can cause a worsening of pre-existing chronic pathologies.

Fever, drowsiness, loss of appetite and cough are some of the frequent and common symptoms but some people may experience sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

A fever above 38° generally accompanied by symptoms such as headache, bone pain, sweating and chills as well as general muscle weakness must necessarily be checked by a doctor, especially if these symptoms are detected in a minor or an elderly person.

Also pay attention to the hours you sleep. A change in the rhythm of rest can lead to a further weakening of the body and therefore a greater susceptibility to welcoming flu viruses.

What are the key symptoms of flu?

Flu is generally characterized by the simultaneous presence of three key symptoms: high fever that appears suddenly, at least one respiratory symptom such as cough, sore throat, stuffy nose,… and at least one systemic symptom such as bone pain, muscle pain or headache.

How to distinguish flu and COVID-19?

Based on the symptoms it is impossible to distinguish seasonal flu from COVID-19 and for this reason subjects with doubtful symptoms must undergo a rapid molecular verification swab.

For this reason, in the laboratories of the Amedic medical center you have a point of reference to remove any doubts and possibly proceed with the administration of basic medicines for the treatment of traditional flu.

Be careful not to confuse colds and flu.

The common cold and the flu are both respiratory diseases, but they are caused by different viruses. These two diseases have similar symptoms and therefore it is difficult to understand the difference based on these alone.

In general, flu is more serious and symptoms such as fever and severe muscle pain, frequent tiredness or the appearance of a dry cough are more frequent and intense.

Those who have a cold usually have a runny nose, frequent stuffy nose and usually do not cause serious health problems such as pneumonia or bacterial infections for which hospitalization is more necessary than ever.

COVID-19, Barcelona, today.

Unfortunately, the contagion curve does not cease its slow growth.

The data comes from molecular swabs that are carried out daily in our Amedics medical center.

Throughout Spain, from August 31st to today there have been 120,000 new cases confirmed and subjected to the treatment protocol.

The summer season saw a decline in infections in almost all areas of the planet but some data worried the World Health Organization and in particular those arriving from China and in Europe from Spain where there was a worrying countertrend.

While France and Italy reported a decline in infections (-43% in France and -23% in Italy respectively) in Spain there was an increase in cases, recording a +25%.

For this reason, without any alarmism, we invite our readers to carry out a check using a molecular swab at the laboratories of the Amedics medical center.

Without doubt, if in full flu symptoms, let’s start the paracetamol party!

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